Candidates Make a Campaign

Club officers, class officers, student councils, homecoming courts, and more can be part of the election process. Have your candidates make campaign speeches to those who will be voting. Incorporate history, government, speech writing, and more for an educational project your students will remember for years.

Our Mission

The Voter Outreach Program Inc.
is “dedicated to increasing responsible, informed voting, and civic participation through the implementation of creative, educational programs, and awareness events.”

Voter Outreach, Inc. is a 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization in Louisville, Kentucky founded in 1992 by the Jefferson County Clerk’s Office as part of the Voter Outreach program. The organization is governed by a Board of Directors and works in cooperation with the Jefferson County Clerk's Office and the Board of Elections. The organization is dedicated to educating our citizens about the voting process through classroom training; promotional and awareness activities that encourage citizens to register to vote; and, advocating for voter participation at the polls.


Voter Outreach, Inc.offers the Mock Election Program throughout the year. The program is designed to not only educate but to activate and involve students.

The Mock Election Program which has been offered since 2000, is a result of our commitment to the Help America Vote Act. Reaching over 7,000 students in Jefferson County, this program consists of a presentation detailing the history and meaning of democracy, the history of voting in America, and the importance of one vote. Students then take part in an election with authentic voting equipment that is utilized in actual Jefferson County Elections.  

Your Vote Counts

Our largest objective is to teach children the importance of voting, to distinguish what we believe is our greatest civic duty, and to defeat the idea that one vote cannot make a difference. By highlighting the changes in our governmental processes and through introducing complex ideas in an accessible, user-friendly way, we impart knowledge that will help to define how children think about their individual voices in the scheme of our Democratic Nation.

If we can accomplish anything, we want to activate young adults to stand up and speak for what they believe in. Our hope is to assist in creating a future where apathy is a distant memory of the past.